Saturday 16 November 2019

Start Stop Continue

Start Stop Continue is a virtual post-it note board for Start / Stop / Continue style retrospectives. It is implemented using Java, jQuery, and JSON files for persistence.

The project is designed for simplicity and the option for extension, rather than scalability. Even logging and error handling are secondary concerts at this point in the project.

An example instance of the site is hosted here:

Source Code

Code available in GitHub - start-stop-continue


This project requires a minimum of Java 11 JDK to build.

Build and Run

Build using Maven:
mvn clean install

Run by executing the built jar file:
java -jar start-stop-continue-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Browse to:

A new post-it note board with a unique URL will be created and notes can be added, edited and deleted. If this project is deployed to a publicly available host, the URL can be shared with other retrospective participants.

Future Improvements

Possible future improvements may include:

  • Add logging and more robust error handling
  • Integrate with a scalable datastore such as Apache Cassandra
  • Integrate with a scalable caching solution such as Redis
  • Use websockets for add/edit/delete live updates without refreshing the page
  • Port to AWS or other cloud based hosting provider