Thursday 26 January 2017

sctbrowser - SNOMED CT Browser with UK clinical and UK drug extensions

sctbrowser is a small, simple and fast, Snomed CT Browser for viewing international and UK (and other countries?) clinical and drug extension RF2 data.

The source code is available to download and modify for free, and a free to use hosted version is available online here:

It’s features include:

  • A hierarchical tree browser.
  • Partial match concept id and description searching.
  • Refset list browsing.
  • Subset to refset mappings.
  • Detailed concept view including concept properties, descriptions and relationships.
  • Subset member browsing.
  • Concept member of browsing.
  • Alternative terminology mappings, such as ICD10.

sctbrowser is implemented in Java, using an HTML and AngularJS UI, with RESTful webservices and PostgreSQL RDBMS, deploying to Tomcat on Windows or Linux.

Some favourite concepts


Source Code