Monday 6 December 2010

jchannel - a Java imageboard

I love the chans, so I though I'd build my own. jchannel is simple, linearly-directed, forced anonymous imageboard, implemented using enterprise Java, EJB 3.1, JPA/EclipseLink, with a Google Web Toolkit front end, designed to run on GlassFish application server.


  • GWT AJAX powered front end
  • JPA RDBMS agnostic back end
  • Rich text editor message input
  • Role based administration & moderation
  • Catgegory/Topic administration
  • Post reporting & IP ban management

Screen Shots

(click to enlarge)
Auto generated contents home page

Thread view with rich text editor input

Topic administration view


A demo of jchannel with just one topic (/b/) is running at

Source Code

The latest source code can be downloaded from Google Code using svn:

svn checkout jchannel-read-only

or downloaded here:


Run the project with 'mvn clean install embedded-glassfish:run' and point your brower at

Running the project with all the tests will create an embedded Derby database to test against, run an embedded GlassFish server, create some default topics and a default admin user.

To log into the admin interface go to

and use the login credentials:

username: admin
password: adminadmin

Update 8/12/10

The demo now has a bunch of 4chan style topics.